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We make it easy for you to make money.

Tradeshift can connect you with over 800,000 users in over 190 countries, giving you the opportunity for fast growth. And we make it easy for you to build and succeed:

  • By giving you the freedom to use your existing technology, tools, and infrastructure.
  • With monetization options, global distribution, and marketing support.
  • By integrating your already built app directly into Tradeshift—no rebuilding.

4 key ingredients take you from concept to profit

How is Tradeshift PaaS different?

Everybody says they're a platform these days. Here's how Tradeshift is different:


Because our platform is a truly open, searchable network, your app can reach every customer and account to maximize your distribution.

Easy-build features

Pre-built infrastructure, modeled documents (like invoices and POs), and our exposed APIs accelerate your build, getting you to market faster.

Built in the cloud

Streamline the development process, quick production, scalability, and the ability to collaborate on development efforts and engage users.

How secure is Tradeshift?

We offer the highest security and compliance standards in the industry. Tradeshift is ISAE 3402 certified and gives you control over how data is shared across your users:

  • No direct sharing of data between tenants (companies)
  • Sent business documents are digitally signed for integrity
  • Backups of all business documents and events
  • Transactions, metadata, audit logs, and signatures are stored
  • Robust, out-of-the-box security controls handle user authentication

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