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As an app developer building on the Tradeshift Apps framework, your ideas paired with our APIs extend our business-to-business network. You earn revenue by selling your app to our over 800,000 user base through the Tradeshift Appstore, or by creating custom solutions for specific clients as an app development partner. Your apps on Tradeshift change the way people do business around the world.

What is a Tradeshift App?

An app on the Tradeshift platform is some functionality that either has its own UI, or enhances the existing products with additional functionality. It can be opened separately so the user can perform some action through the App Launcher, which is always available in Tradeshift Menu. Apps can be found in Tradeshift’s Appstore and activated for an account.

How Tradeshift Apps work

A Tradeshift application is any extension of Tradeshift’s functionality that can be obtained, activated and managed through the Tradeshift Appstore. There are two main ways to interact with Tradeshift. First, developers can build an integration app externally, by connecting directly to the Tradeshift API; there are many use cases where this is appropriate. We then help you package your app, so it can be activated. Apps exist in the following variations:

Embedded App

An app that appears in the Tradeshift web application and functions as a natural extension of the existing web interface. Embedded apps are loaded in iframes (using html generated from other domains). You can build from scratch, able to create the code on your own server, or simply tell Tradeshift where your app is located and integrate your already existing app into Tradeshift’s native interface experience.

Integration App

An app that makes Tradeshift functionality available outside of Tradeshift’s web interface. Examples include an integration to a SaaS accounting system or an Android mobile app which makes calls to Tradeshift API.

Setting up your first app

Whether you intend to create an embedded app or an integration app, you must create an app on Tradeshift. This way we can provide you with authentication parameters that work with our API, and a means to test your app in the Tradeshift environment.

To create an app, you first need to install Tradeshift’s developer app, available from the Appstore. In the developer app you can create a new app, give it an AppID, and add information for users to discover and activate your app, such as name, description and screenshots.

The simplest type of app is an app without any authentication that simply displays the embedded page in an iframe. You can create and activate it right from the developer app.

Building your app

If you're building an integration app, you'll first need to authenticate users through our API. Tradeshift uses OAUTH2 Authorization Framework. Please email us and we’ll help to get you set up.

If you're building an embedded app, you can use your developer account to activate your app so it gets loaded into the iframe. From there, you can test the UI & API calls.

Embedded apps should conform to Tradeshift's Design Guidelines as best as possible. You're free to utilize existing functionality and maintain your company's brand on Tradeshift, but the more you can provide consistency with Tradeshift's look and feel, the better the experience will be for your customers.

Launching your app

When your application is ready for use, reach out to us at and we’ll go through the testing process with you. Testing involves verifying the reliability of your service, and verifying that the app meets our security and privacy requirements. Once the app has been tested, your app will will go live inthe Appstore.

Next steps

Now that you went through a basic overview, the next steps are to check out our API » and take a look at our app design guidelines and UI Components » toolkit.

Get in touch! We're happy to provide technical recommendations to make development easier and faster for you, and to provide customer feedback to ensure that what you build will be received well by Tradeshift customers.

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