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Success story: Quyntess

Quyntess was one of the first to develop a series of apps—Order Collaboration, e-Logistics, and the Delivery Schedule app—on the Tradeshift platform, and they did it all in only 5 weeks. Instantly linked to thousands of new customers, they quickly landed Vesuvius Poland as a customer in partnership with Tradeshift.

We had our heritage of supply chain management and traditional web applications, then we brought that to the platform of Tradeshift. It was quite a leap forward for us in terms of user interface… We have been expanding ever since.
Teunis Biemond, CTO of Quyntess

Success story: ProcurePort

ProcurePort, an independent app developer, leveraged Tradeshift products and platform to extend the services they provided to their mid-market users, helping them automate and streamline the source-to-pay process, ultimately reducing purchasing costs. Tradeshift gained an additional tool to expand our e-procurement offering and power procurement excellence.

Integration was straight-forward—they provided API’s... making it easy for my team to integrate. Support from the Tradeshift team was exceptional, including the API documentation. They were always available to guide us throughout the entire process.
Jemin Patel, Director, ProcurePort

Success story: Timestarter

TimeStarter partnered with Tradeshift, expanding their brand’s global reach, increasing competitive advantage, and providing real business value to both TimeStarter and Tradeshift customers. Combining TimeStarter’s time-tracking app with Tradeshift’s invoicing solution, they created a powerful all-in-one app to save their users time and help them become more profitable, faster.

Our partnership added value for our users through the addition of Tradeshift’s invoicing solution... supported us with brand and marketing awareness to 800k+ suppliers and growing, including large enterprises, greatly expanding the number of potential new users of TimeStarter.
Trine Thybo, CMO TimeStarter

Tradeshift—the Business Commerce Company

We build solutions that make doing businesses simple—on an all-in-one flexible business commerce platform for everything from procure-to-pay, to supplier engagement, financial solutions, and a marketplace. We connect your app to over 1.5 million companies across 190+ countries, processes over half a trillion USD in transaction value yearly on our platform.

Procure to Pay

Simple solutions for all aspects of the procure-to-pay process—like catalogs, purchasing, logistics, document management, and payments.

Supplier Engagement

Easy management of all important supplier
data—performance, profiles, regulatory and risk
information—in one place.


A convenient place to connect and do business, featuring solutions for content management, discoverability, and information exchange.

Financial Solutions

Bring more spend under management, capture more savings, and deliver more value with solutions like virtual credit cards and supply chain financing options.

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